Live2U TV is our own independent media production co which focuses predominantly on featuring Australian Independent musicians and their music by catching up with them backstage at festivals, gigs/shows and now live online!   Live2U TV is your opportunity to discover amazing unsigned homegrown talent without the interruption of commercials.  

Live2U TV - Live Stream is a short punchy live streamed interview with musicians and is designed to promote the musician, their music and help support the Australian Independent Music scene.  We have so much talent! 

Aussie Musicians, hit us up if you want to feature on our Live Streaming Show!  Contact us via email or DM Us through socials.​ Our Live Stream shows happen every Sunday and Wednesday at 6:30pm on Facebook and Twitch.TV (


Music Journalism

A dedicated business that is on the beat, be it in a venue, festival or on the street. Live2u is makes live music complete

Grant Walmsley

Grant is a founding member,

lead guitarist and key songwriter of iconic


I can tell you don't like to be told what to do, I can, I respect you lol (see his interview here

Focus Magazine

Mel Miante has a distictive style, true creative flair , a savy business head and  a love of the perfoming arts (read full article here)


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